Remembering a Rock Icon and His Hep Awareness Efforts

As ADRLF continues to make hepatitis awareness a cornerstone of its mission, we respectfully pay tribute to the passing of yet another iconic musician impacted for decades by the illusive disease — the beloved southern rock pioneer, Gregg Allman, of the legendary Allman Brothers band, who was laid to rest at the age of 69 earlier this month in Georgia.               

Gregg Allman at a 2009 concert. (Photo credit: Creative Commons/Liza)

Gregg Allman at a 2009 concert. (Photo credit: Creative Commons/Liza)

Formerly married to Cher, Allman — who quietly battled liver cancer, as a result of complications from living with chronic hep C infection — was a keen advocate for raising hepatitis awareness.

While touring on the road, the notoriously “shy” and “kind” music great was simultaneously wrestling for decades with substance abuse, encircling his complicated life. However, Allman became clean in 1994; forged life with a healthful approach; received a liver transplant in 2011; and, through his story, hoped to get the important message out about the dangers of hepatitis C. 

Watch here an interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta for CNN

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