ADRLF Promotes #NoHep and Latino Awareness for World Hepatitis Day 2016!

World Hepatitis Day is back! And it gives all of us a tremendous opportunity to make in global impact, by advocating and promoting liver health awareness — through the education, screening, and treatment of viral hepatitis.

This “hidden epidemic” affects over 2 billion people worldwide; and is one of the world’s top ten infectious diseases. This year, in honor Al D. Rodriguez’s deep pride in his Cuban-American heritage, we hold up a watchful lens to Latino populations around the world. We aim to raise public consciousness of hepatitis and related issues such as awareness, stigma, treatment access, and mobilization in these Spanish/Portuguese-speaking territories, particularly in under-served communities and regardless of immigration status. As put forth by the World Hepatitis Alliance, we are joining forces to help launch the NOhep initiative — a global movement aimed at uniting people from across the world to take action, to speak out, and to be engaged to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. United we stand…

With these “Top 10 #Hepatitis Facts on Latinos/Hispanics/Latins in the Americas” that we shared on  2016 World Hepatitis Day, the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation invites you to:  Screen, Vaccinate, Educate — Don’t Hesitate! 

Fact 1: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep in #LatinAmerica. 


Fact 2: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep among Latinos/Hispanics in the U.S. 

Fact 2

Fact 3: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep in #Brazil. 


Fact 4: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep in #Cuba. 

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Fact 5: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep in #LatinAmerica and the #Caribbean.


Fact 6: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep among Latinos/Hispanics in the U.S. 


Fact 7: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep in #Mexico. 


Fact 9: #ADRLF promotes #NoHep among Latino/Hispanic women.


Fact 10: ADRLF shares their message on @ABC7NY’s “Here & Now” to Screen, Vaccinate, Educate! 


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